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Sisters Unite

Our mission is to educate and provide unity to a diverse group of girls ranging from 13 to 18. WE WILL COME TOGETHER AND STAND TOGETHER AS ONE!

About Us



The mission of Positive Kids of the Future Youth Sports, Inc. is to provide  education, training, supportive services and sports activities to children, teens and their families so that they may become educated, employed, healthy and contributing members of society.


Program Benefits

Positive Kids of the Future Youth Sports, Inc. truly believe that the overall benefits of my comprehensive program are tremendous!  These benefits include:

  • Prevention of Teen Pregnancy
  • Prevention of School Drop-Outs
  • Prevention of Criminal Involvement
  • Prevention of Substance Abuse
  • Prevention of Incarceration



A comprehensive assessment will be completed for all individuals referred to the program.  A staffing will be held  with the individual detailing the findings of the assessment and recommendations for appropriate services.


Positive Kids of the Future Youth Sports, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization and founded by Ms. Orrie D. Johnson in 1993.  She opened her doors to single working parents who needed affordable daycare.  From the beginning, the program was supportive of family needs, offering transportation services to parents as needed.

In 1995, a home was purchased to provide childcare services as well as to extend the transportation services to fulltime kids.  Eight children were served during the day and ten during evening hours.  The program provided after school care and during the summer, an athletic program was offered.  The children were introduced to football, track, youth wrestling, kickball, softball and basketball.  Realizing the critical need for academics and the children's high interest in sports, Positive Kids infused sports activities with a comprehensive after school enrichment program.  

Ms. Johnson has volunteered with East Point Recreational Department for over four years.  Ms. Johnson has coached cheer-leading, track, basketball and hip-hop aerobics.



I will win because I know respect,

I will win because I know responsibility,

I will win because I am smart, 

I will win because I am free,

I will win because I am committed,

I will win because I know sacrifice,

I will win because I know preparation,

I will win because I believe I will,

And though I respect your opinion of me

It's my opinion of me that matters most

That's why I know I will win


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